Berry Pickin’

Friday and Saturday were SUPER fun days! Dad and I spent our Friday boy’s day building tons of Legos at the library and each day all weekend at the POOL! I can’t wait to go to Nanny’s! Saturday I took a music class at the country store, I’m quite interested in music and mom and dad just aren’t any help!

Then we went to Blacksburg to pick some organic blueberries and blackberries! I had the BEST time! I loved “taking a hike to pick berries” and screaming yummy as I ate them! I also tried to catch a rabbit but he was just too fast for me.

As always, we had a great weekend. I have the greatest dad in the world and he’s teaching me to become a great man, just like him. Word to your father! 🙂

One thought on “Berry Pickin’

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Another fun weekend!! You and Dad sure was busy doing different things. I know you were having a good time making music with the different instruments. You are so talented!!!! I bet you had fun picking blueberries and blackberries but the most fun for you was eating them. Boy I bet they were delicious!!! Hope you brought Mom some back home with you because I know she likes fruit also. What a lucky little boy you are Canton Gregory to have such wonderful parents who love you so very much….Hope to skype with you soon and to see all of you….Love you

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