Dixie Caverns

Whew! Mom has been crazy busy learning things for her new job, I apologize for her not being more on top of it! She started back to work this week, she seems pretty happy about the job, but she is having a hard time leaving me. I just realized she hasn’t put up any FL pictures either…mom, what are you doing to these people!?

A couple weeks ago we went to Dixie Caverns, a little north of Christiansburg. Mom and Dad said it is nothing like this place called Luray Caverns, but I had a great time. I learned all about caves, rocks, and animals that go bump in the night. I was really brave when they turned off all the lights too! 🙂

One thought on “Dixie Caverns

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a brave boy you are to go visit the Dixie Caverns!!! They look like they are beautiful. I cannot go down in them but glad you, Mom & Dad can and enjoy them. You have done something at the age of 2 that “Mal” has never done….Keep having fun with Mom & Dad and seeing new things and places….Love all of you…/

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