Hokie Bug Fest

Saturday was a beautiful fall day! We had TONS of fun at the Hokie Bug Fest! I held a hissing cockroach, some meal worms, butterflies, and even met the Hokie Bird!

One thought on “Hokie Bug Fest

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a wonderful, exciting, learning and fun day you, Mom & Dad had. I know all of those bugs were glad to have you as their friend. How special you are that you got to meet the Hokie Bird!!!!! I know he was glad to meet you Canton Gregory…..We are so glad you get to do so many different things and go so many different places. Mom & Dad love you so much and they want you to see all of this wonderful world and not to miss one thing. That tree you and Dad are by is one of the most beautiful trees I have seen this year. The trees up here are just starting to turn so I hope we will have some so lovely. Remember we love all of you and we hope you have another fun filled day. Hope to skype with you real soon……
    “Mal” & Pap

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