The Swimmin’ Hole

I’ll soon be back in Nanny’s pool so I started swimming lessons today! I had a TON of fun, I wasn’t scared of the water at all! I even remembered “Freddy the Fish” from Nanny’s house. After my lesson was over we stayed for another hour! I’m a regular Michael Phelps!

2 thoughts on “The Swimmin’ Hole

  1. Hi Buddy
    Way to go Canton, Freddie the fish is waiting for you! Can’t wait to see you all. You will be swimming on your own by the time you get to Florida. No more floats.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    So glad you had fun at the pool with Dad. You look quite at ease in the water and you master anything you do. Good boy!!! I know you will have fun at Nanny’s this Summer. Hope to see all of you soon. Love you…. The flowers you gave me two weeks ago are still living and lovely. Thank you!!!!!

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