Nanny and Grandpa Have Arrived!

Nanny, Grandpa, Jag, Dep, and the MOTORHOME are here to see me for the week!

We’ve had tons of fun already! Nanny has played in the dirt with me TONS, we’ve played soccer at the high school, she taught me red light/green light, and I even got to sleep in the MOTORHOME! Mom missed me, but I was super big and had the best time! We played games and ate lots of popcorn! They took me to DJs to get a milkshake too! I’ve done a lot of stuff w/o mommy and dad! Can you believe how much I’ve grown up?!

I’m going to even get to ride to Winchester in the motorhome without mommy and daddy!! I just love that motorhome! Almost as much as I love my Nanny!!

One thought on “Nanny and Grandpa Have Arrived!

  1. Hi Buddy
    We sure did have a great time with you Mom and Dad. I am so glad Mom let you go to Winchester with me and Granpal, I loved seeing how excited you were riding in the motorhome and also on the 4wheeler!!!!!!! Hope Mom ans Dad let you come stay with us again. Hope she will let you stay in Florida but I am sure we will have to work on that for a while.

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