It’s hard to write this knowing Mal won’t comment, Mom doesn’t even know what to say. We all miss her like crazy and we’ve been trying to find a new way to be there for each other. Pap has been coming to see me a lot, I love him so much! He’s helped us a lot in our new house and we’ve had some great times together building things, playing in the game room, walking, and so much more. I talk about Mal a lot, hopefully that helps everyone. I even picked up a place for her to sit at our table for Christmas. I have lots of things that will help me remember her and memories of her love that will last always.

Pics from Fall Festival

2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Looks like a pretty good time to me. Glad you and Pap made it down from that big rock safely 🙂 Thanks for skyping and chatting with me on the phone. Be sure to send us a Halloween picture. Miss you my love!

  2. Hi Buddy
    Looks like you all had a good time. Glad you are spending some of your time with Pap, I know you are a busy man. I heard you liked the pretty dancing girls!!!!!!!

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