Fun with Friends

January sure has been a busy month! I started at my new school in Harrisonburg and have made many new friends. Brian, Annemarie, Adaline, and my girl Lilamae also came up for a visit! Here are some pictures of my recent adventures plus a few left over from Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Fun with Friends

  1. Hi Buddy
    You better get on Mom she needs to keep us up to date on your happening.
    I am glad to see you have made new friend at school. Keep riding your bike maybe You and I can ride together in the summer. Sure do miss you all.
    Maybe we can face time over the weekend if you have time.
    Love Nanny & Grandpal

  2. I like your new haircut, you look like such a big boy! Hope you are having fun at school. Miss you mucho!

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