Can the Builder

I sure love Harrisonburg just because I can go to Lowes or Home Depot pretty much any weekend and build something! Yesterday, it was a MONSTER TRUCK at Lowes! I was soooooooo excited!

Later we went to the planetarium and saw lots of stars and my favorite planet: Jupiter! Why is it my favorite? Because it is the biggest and it has a really cool storm on it!

That evening we made BROWNIES, I didn’t really like them though, you know me and sweets…I enjoyed some popcorn instead.

Also, I’ve been really into playing cards lately, notice how I got the BEST hand possible—without wild cards! What are the chances? Pap, next time take me to Vegas! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Can the Builder

  1. Canton
    It looks like you better get your ticket to vegas! I like your monster truck you did a great job. Glad you are having fun with mom and dad. Miss you and wish I could see you. Love you Bunches!!!!

  2. Hi Buddy
    You sure did build a good Monster truck, I but it can climb over anything. Glad to see you help Mom in the kitchen, you are a good boy. Hope to see you soon. Love ya

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