Two Weeks for Liberty!

Two weeks have passed since the arrival of Liberty May!  She’s starting to get on more of a schedule, or maybe we are just getting more used to her.  She will sleep for about four hours at night, which is a welcome respite from every two hours.  Canton has been a big helper and even had a Candyland piece for Liberty today!  He was really excited when she grabbed his finger!

She goes for her two week check-up on Monday, we’ll give you stats then, but I’d venture to say she’s certainly back to her birth weight and the jaundice is gone!  Can you believe two more weeks it will be a month??




3 thoughts on “Two Weeks for Liberty!

  1. Canton, it looks like you’re doing a great job as a big brother. Miss Liberty is growing up quickly. Keep showing her what being a good boy is so she can learn from you. Hope you’re enjoying this warm weather and hope to see you, Libby, Mommy and Daddy soon.

    – Aunt Beth

  2. Hi Canton and my Little Princess
    It sure looks like you have gotten bigger. That means you need bigger clothes, so that means more shopping for me (ha ha). Canton it looks like you are doing a great job as big brother, I am very proud of you and Liberty is very lucky to have you. Hope to see you soon, but keep the pictures coming!

    Great Aunt Rhonda

  3. Hi Half pint
    Well you sure have grown!!!!! Looks like you and Canton are getting along very well, he is a great Big Brother.
    We sure do miss you all. Can’t wait to see you soon. Keep eating good.

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