Liberty is Three Weeks!

Wow!  Three weeks have passed since our sweet girl was born.  She’s doing so well, she was 8lbs at her two week check-up and will last about four hours at night between feedings, so we are getting used to our new normal.

SAM_8267 SAM_8269

We had a few visitors this past weekend.  Mike’s family ventured down, Pap stopped by again, and Jessica came all the way up to see Liberty!

Canton has been more interested in holding and observing Liberty, he’s such a great big brother and a fantastic helper!

SAM_8224 SAM_8235 SAM_8240 SAM_8246 SAM_8250 SAM_8255 SAM_8257 SAM_8264 SAM_8263 SAM_8263

One thought on “Liberty is Three Weeks!

  1. Hi my Little Princess, looks like you had a busy week. You are getting so big and looking so cute in all of your pink outfits. Looks like you and Canton are having some fun together. He is a very good big brother. Keep up your good sleeping schedule for mom and dad. Hope to see you soon!


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