Five Weeks for Miss Liberty May

5 weeks! ¬†Liberty had a return visit of Pap, PLUS BECKY AND BEN! ¬†She’s been awake more and tracking her favorite little doll quite well.

Canton has been having a great time with B & B, he’s going to miss them so much when they leave Monday.

SAM_8285 SAM_8286 SAM_8287 SAM_8288 SAM_8289 SAM_8290 SAM_8291 SAM_8292 SAM_8293 SAM_8294

One thought on “Five Weeks for Miss Liberty May

  1. Hi Half pint
    Man you are sure growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look like a doll baby you are so cute. Look like you have had alot of visiters, (wish I could be one soon). Before you know it you will be up and moving all over the house, keeping Canton busy after you. We love you all and miss you all.

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