2 Months for Liberty!

Wow! Liberty May is 2 months today!

Liberty had a doctor’s appointment today and she had to get some shots πŸ™ She had five shots actually, way too many for anyone, especially such a sweet little girl. Dr. A was quite impressed with Liberty, she’s gone from the 5th percentile in weight to 50%, little more in height. Besides some dermatitis and perhaps an umbilical hernia not too much to complain about. Not the best pictures though, she feels pretty rough for her shots, she slept most of the afternoon and evening πŸ™

She’s been getting big so quickly, I already put all her newborn stuff away πŸ™

Liberty is staying awake more during the daytime now, she usually wakes around 7 but doesn’t nap until after lunch. This does make the mornings hard, especially fitting in some Canton time on top of household chores, but I’ll take her 9pm – 4:30 am sleeping (for now at least). She still loves to be held, which again makes doing anything pretty difficult, but she’s so sweet and cuddly I can’t complain.

Her favorite thing to do lately is propped sitting, a welcome respite from laying around all the time I’m sure, and a great perspective for learning new material. With all Canton’s space talk Rhonda is pretty sure Jupiter is going to be her first word. She’s been smiling for awhile but has gotten very smiley over the last week, she’s sooooo close to laughing! Liberty LOVES to watch Canton and offers him loads of smiles, which he just eats up!

Weight: 12 lbs 3 oz

Length: 23.5 inches



2 thoughts on “2 Months for Liberty!

  1. Hi my Little Princess
    I feel so bad for you having to get 5 shots. You still look so sweet with your little smile, you are a little trooper! I will bring you something special when I come to see you. I know Canton will help take care of you and make you feel better.


  2. Hi Halfpint
    I am so sorry you had to get 5 shot, thats just to many for a sweet girl like you, you should feel better soon.

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