Once in a Blue moon

Well, actually less than that. As most of you know Canton is rarely in bed before 10pm and doesn’t nap…so, this was quite a surprise to see at 7:30! He had a dinner of cucumbers and applesauce then asked for some pasta while watching football and passed out! It also marks the first time both kids have been asleep at the same time, minus overnight! Guess all it took was soccer, playing with Elias, yard sale, and slip and sliding with Heidi! Aww, cute thing he said to Mr. Evans who asked about purchasing Liberty during the neighborhood yard sale: “Liberty would be infinity dollars!”


2 thoughts on “Once in a Blue moon

  1. Canton,
    I cant believe you fell asleep so early. I was hoping for a video of you playing the drums! Anyway you look so cute, glad you had such a busy exciting day!


  2. Hi Buddy
    You must of had a VERY busy day to go to sleep that soon, get into the habit. School will be in 11 months and you have to go to bed early and with a full tummy so you can be ready to learn (or teach) at school.

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