Return of the Bumbo

Tried Liberty in her Bumbo this morning since she’s definitely showing an interest in propped sitting. Unfortunately, she wasn’t a big fan…


So, I returned her to her favorite chair. We will try again soon…


3 thoughts on “Return of the Bumbo

  1. Hi Halfpint
    You look so big in your chair, you are growing to fast. I can’t wait to see you (hopefully soon). Stay sweet!

  2. Hi Princess,
    You look more like a 6 month old, than a 2 month old! Pretty soon you will be sitting up by yourself, so you wont have to sit in that chair. Probably if it were PINK you wouldnt mind (ha ha)! Just kidding .

  3. I like your onesie little lady:). Looks like you and big bro have a lot of fun together. I just can’t believe how big you are! Tell mommy I want so tummy time pictures too. Love you all

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