Man on the Moon

Canton had a VERY SPECIAL day today! Canton and Daddy were lucky enough to get to meet Dr. Edgar Mitchell, astronaut of Apollo 14 and only 1 of 12 people to ever walk on the moon!

Daddy and Canton had to travel to the Science Museum in Roanoke to meet Dr. Mitchell and it was worth every minute of the long drive! When they got there, they got to watch a video about Dr. Mitchell’s space travel and hear Dr. Mitchell talk about his journey. At the end, he took a question from Daddy and Canton and said he wasn’t worried about going to space after Apollo 13 because he worked with the engineers to make sure the problems from the last space mission were fixed. What a brave man!

After Dr. Mitchell’s presentation, Canton and Daddy went around and toured the rest of the museum including some huge periodic table of elements (Canton loved these), a dinosaur, some fish, and lots of cool science experiments. Afterwards, Canton and Daddy got in the long line for the opportunity to meet Dr. Mitchell, got his book autographed, and got some good pictures but Canton forgot to look at the camera. Oh well, still got a picture with an Apollo astronaut!

Canton and Daddy went back into the museum after meeting Dr. Mitchell and saw the rest of the exhibits including the roof top garden, the butter fly garden, and went back for a few more fun experiments. On the way out, Dr. Mitchell was getting ready to go on break and Canton yelled to him “Goodbye Dr. Mitchell!” Dr. Mitchell came over to acknowledge Canton and asked if he was going to be an astronaut. Canton said yes and Dr. Mitchell told him to work hard in school so he could become one. Canton, being the direct kid he is, said he wasn’t looking at the camera in the picture from earlier and Dr. Mitchell said “well we can fix that”. We went back to the front where pictures were being taken and got a second shot! What a great guy to do that! Hopefully Canton heeds the words of Dr. Mitchell and works hard in life and meets his dreams! We feel like he is on the right path 🙂 Thank you Dr. Mitchell!!












2 thoughts on “Man on the Moon

  1. Hi Buddy
    You are a lucky guy, no everybody get to meet someone that walk on the moon. I am so glad you like things about space because I think that is your future. That was so nice for you and Dad to get to go do so guy stuff. Miss you Buddy!

  2. Hi Canton,
    WOW! What an exciting day you and daddy had. I cant believe you got to meet a man that was on the moon! Looks like you saw some really cool stuff. Love your picture, glad you got to take a 2nd one. I know this is a day you will never forget.


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