Three Months for Liberty May!

Liberty is beginning to become her own little person! She’s settling into more of a routine these days. She wakes between 430-515 quickly takes a large amount of milk and then goes back down until about 9. She will then wake and want to play, which includes a lot of Canton watching and will eat around 10 and then go back to sleep around 11 until 12, awake 12-230, sleep another 30 mins or so, and she continues to be awake until 8 or so, sleeps for another 45mins, then usually is down for the night around 10:15 or so. She sleeps great overnight, usually waking around 5, which we are thrilled about!

She is starting to become more social, she’s always had an adorable smile for mom, dad, and big brother since she was a week old, but she gives great ones to friends and neighbors now too. Her laugh is so sweet and she isn’t hard to please. She doesn’t do a whole lot of talking, Canton handles most of that for her, but I swear she says “mama” and “no” when she wants her mommy. Canton loves to hear her talking and frequently reports what he thinks she has said! Mostly, Liberty is just wants to snuggle and watch her brother.

Yesterday she banged her head at the top of her crib from all the pushing she’s doing with her feet to try to go from back to stomach. She’s not a huge fan of tummy time, but who is? She’s all about bearing weight on her legs and keeps her head aligned when pulled to sitting. We’re a little concerned about her right eye being a little too close to her nose and she only tracks about 150 degrees, so that’s something we’re working on and need to keep watch.

Her favorite toy, beside her hands that is, is her taggie blanket and rattle doll. Aunt Rhonda just brought her a few teethers so they’ll be added to the rotation soon.

She is holding her head and keeping her balance like a champ, though still not a fan of the bumbo, nothing beats her bouncy seat.

Weight: 14 lb 4 oz

Height: 24 7/8 in




2 thoughts on “Three Months for Liberty May!

  1. Hi Half pint
    Oh my how you have grown, you are a baby doll. Your smile lights up the world.

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