Off to School!

It is finally hitting us that Canton is becoming full blown KID, not mommy’s little boy. Heading off to preschool this week really put that into perspective. We figured it was time for some more socialization with real school being just a few months away. He goes 2 days a week but has already asked if he can go three days instead of two! This is happening WAY too fast for Mom! But, his school is wonderful! With the director and the undergraduate students the ratio is 5 teachers to 7 kids, so he pretty much has undivided attention! The school doesn’t have a set curriculum, but instead is driven by the interests of the children, so I’m sure a space unit won’t be too far away!

On his first day Canton’s school was visited by a real fire truck and he got to pull the lever to spray the hose! He enjoyed some tire swing time and rode bikes with a boy named Will. Most telling, at the sensory table there were all kinds of tree nuts, Canton preceeded to tell everyone “we’re going to make some patterns, you find the big ones, I’ll get the small ones, and then we’ll go big small big small all in a line, that’s a pattern.” He then told the teacher, “see, we made objects in the Kuiper Belt!” Oh man, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next year in K.




2 thoughts on “Off to School!

  1. Hi Buddy
    Grandpal and I are so proud of your. We are glad you like your new school. I bet you enjoyed seeing the fire truck. You keep having fun with your new friend Will. i know the teacher’s will learn alot from you.

  2. Hi Canton
    Iam so glad you like going to school. I know you must have enjoyed your day with the fire truck because you play that really well with Nanny.Keep up the good work of learning new things and teaching them what you know. Cant wait to hear about next week!

    Love you Bunches!!!

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