Rolling Down the Mat

Liberty has been rolling stomach to back for a while, since four days old according to Rhonda and Mike! We actually haven’t captured a video of it, so here one is finally. We are still waiting for her to roll the other way, she gets much closer than she does in this video, she will be there soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Rolling Down the Mat

  1. Hi Halfpint
    (Thanks Mom for the video) you are doing great at rolling over. Keep up the good work. Just keep watching Canton, he will get you going.

  2. Hi Canton & Princess
    Great job Princess, cant believe how big you look! Your PJs look really cute Canton! You keep on showing Liberty how to roll over and get her to sit up. You guys will keep mom really busy once Liberty gets moving!
    Miss you guys, Hope you have a fun Halloween! Take lots of pictures


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