Liberty May is 4 Months!

Liberty celebrated her four months with another trip to the doctor and lots more shots 🙁

Liberty is continuing to grow and practice all her new skills. She’s always been quite good with her hands and is getting great at putting anything she can find right into her mouth. She’s starting to enjoy tummy time a little more, she holds her head up higher and longer. Canton sat at four months, I think Liberty might take a while longer. She spends so much time putting weight on her legs, she just doesn’t have time to practice sitting! Dr. Ashton was surprised by how strong she was, says we have a power forward on our hands! She has just started trying to support herself sitting up with her hands between her legs on the floor. I can’t wait until she can sit with Canton and play together!

Liberty has LOVED to be held since day one, she’s my snuggles, she seems happy with pretty much anyone, but definitely prefers mom to strangers. She’s still talking talking talking! She’ll talk to her toys or anyone who looks her way for minutes! She especially loves talking to big brother! She also LOVES to laugh, to be sang to, and enjoys being tickled!

She’s a great sleeper, she’ll sleep from around 10pm – 6am and take a morning and afternoon nap. We’ve been really lucky with her sleep habits, especially compared to her brother’s twenty minute naps and no nap at 18 months!

Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz
Height: 25.5 inches


One thought on “Liberty May is 4 Months!

  1. Hi Princess
    WOW look at you Miss Bigstuff! You look like a pro sitting there with your big brother. You look sooo cute!!!! Keep practicing all your new stuff amd you will be playing and sitting with Canton real soon.


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