Liberty at Five Months

Hard to believe Liberty has been with us for five whole months!

Well, we were hoping she would be sitting, but all she wants to do is stand. She can sit for about 20 seconds on average, before she thrusts herself to try to stand, she sure loves to bear weight on her legs. We’ve resorted to holding her on the peanut ball with one of us holding the bottom of her feet, for the sensation, thanks for the tip Aunt Becky! She loves to hold on to me or the couch though! I can’t believe such a young baby wants to stand all the time! But, we got up to 61 seconds of sitting today! Hopefully only a few more days and she’ll get the hang of it! 🙂

Liberty is still her sweet self. She hardly ever cries and is easily comforted if she does, especially by being held/walking with mama or watching BIG BROTHER! We’ve also learned how ticklish she is under her arms and on her feet! She loves to laugh! Liberty also seems to be saying “hi”. When she sees someone after a time or when she wants some attention she makes a little coo that sounds just like “hi”!

Her sleep habits are still great, definitely can’t complain about 10pm – 7am sleeping, but she is down to one nap a day, which makes chores a little difficult, but hey, I’m only getting up once a night to pump so getting six hours of sleep at a time with a five month old, I count my blessings!

Weight: 16 lb 0 oz
Length: 26 7/8 inches




3 thoughts on “Liberty at Five Months

  1. Hi Princess
    It is so hard to believe you are 5 months old, but its plain to see you are just the PERFECT LITTLE PRINCESS!!!
    Cant wait to see you!


  2. Awesome job, way to go little Berty! I like the laughing video and can’t wait to hear you talk. Keep up the good work with your sitting balance. Love you mucho!

  3. Hi Halfpint
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 5 months, you sure are growing fast. Hope I get to see you before you are 1. You are so cute.

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