Christmas 2013

Whew! Christmas with two kids! We were so lucky to have Rhonda and Pap join us for Liberty’s first Christmas! We also got to facetime with Becky/Ben AND Nanny with Jesse!

We started gifts on Christmas Eve with Poppy and Grandma. Then we headed to GGs house for some snacks and another round of presents. Canton really enjoyed the loud truck he got from Great Aunt Sally.

The night ended with cookies for Santa and a reading of “The Night Before Christmas”. Canton was quite excited to track Santa on NORAD and enjoyed telling Liberty all about Christmas.

Rhonda and Pap entertained Canton so late last night he didn’t go to bed until after 11, so he didn’t wake up until Mom and Dad went in to get him. He excitedly ran down the hall to see what Santa had left. He got a large map of Africa he really liked and some great books, his favorite was an inflatable space shuttle and astronaut. He was also excited to see that Santa left the measuring cups he asked for in his stocking. Yes, measuring cups, because as he told us “I really like to do experiments and I love fractions!” Are we lucky or what? Canton also had tons of presents from Nanny and Rhonda. From Nanny he really liked the pictures from NASA and a squishy human body model with all the bones and organs. Rhonda brought WAAAY to many presents, he’s already torn into a car track with double loops, a kinetic space lab (kind of like mouse trap), but he still has lots of presents he hasn’t even played with yet because she brought so many!

Liberty made everyone laugh at what a pro she was at opening presents, like she has done it her whole life or something. We definitely aren’t going to have to buy any clothes for her for quite a while, Rhonda has her styling! Her favorite toy is a Princess Makeup mirror that tells her how beautiful she is, gender stereotypes anyone?

Mike made almost the whole meal himself and did a fantastic job! He makes a killer broccoli casserole.

We sure miss everyone and are blessed for our wonderful family! Merry Everything!





















2 thoughts on “Christmas 2013

  1. Whooooooooooooooooooooo were you two busy, so many presents. Sorry Granpal and I could not be there but it look like everyone had all kinds of fun. Santa was good to you all.
    Miss you and Love you
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Hi Canton & Princess
    Christmas was a blast!! You two made it so good. I guess its true what they say that Christmas is for Kids!!!!
    I am so glad that we all got to be together. and I am glad that you guys enjoyed all the presents!!


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