Liberty is Six Months!

Liberty has this sitting thing down now! She can reach to toys she wants and sit back up, although she still tries to stand a little too much for my taste. On her belly she can get her knees under her but doesn’t seem to know what to do after that. Canton didn’t crawl until nine months, I have a feeling she’ll beat him. Her fine most skills are great though, can manipulate her wrists well, and even use a pincher grasp!

She’s bucking her nap, sometimes only taking a 20-30 minute nap the whole day! Just like big brother! I suppose I should be grateful for 10:30-7:30 overnight though…you can almost set your watch by her.

Liberty has been experimenting with her tongue lately, trying to make new sounds and pointing it, quite cute! She doesn’t babble as much as Canton, but he does enough talking for the both of them. But, we have heard a distinct “ma-mi” which is a change from her “mum mum mum”.

Her most favorite thing is, of course, Canton! She loves to watch whatever he’s doing, and he’s a super brother. He helps by bringing me burpies, diapers, and he shows her little toys that he thinks she’ll like. As I suppose most second children do, Liberty is a pro at entertaining herself. As long as we are near by/within sight she is quite content sitting and playing with her toys, especially her new mirror! If there is a crinkly plastic bag anywhere close, watch out!

Overall, she continues to be a very happy girl, a perfect addition, we couldn’t imagine us without her! 🙂

Weight: 16 lb 2 oz
Height: 28 in








2 thoughts on “Liberty is Six Months!

  1. Happy half birthday liberty! Way to go with your sitting and motor skills. You are such a happy little thing, love you mucho!

  2. Hi Princess
    Its hard to believe that you are 6 months old already! You have come along way from the little 6lb baby that you were. I sure do miss you. Im so glad that you are enjoying your make-up mirror.Keep the pictures coming!


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