Liberty at EIGHT Months!

Liberty’s big highlights of the month included waving and pulling up! She’s probably been pulling up for the whole month actually, but now she has it down, standing is definitely her preferred position.

She is also crawling quickly several feet at a time (still backwards) and eating more real foods, even though she still has no teeth! She can just about get herself back to a sitting position once she falls over or from her stomach.

Luckily for Mike she can now babble “dada” and has said “bruh bruh” (for brother), she definitely knows mama as a word though!

Liberty is a pro with her fine motor skills! She loves to open and shut the little doors on her walker and she can pick up the tiniest leaf/yard waste Roxy brings in, so I’m vacuuming a lot and sweeping the kitchen several times a day so she’s not munching on Roxy/Canton/Mike crumbs. She also loves pulling the fuzz on the carpet, super fun!

She has her own personality, she plays so hard, especially in comparison to her serious/astute brother! Nanny says she going to be quite the spitfire! But, she certainly knows what she wants and goes after it. Look out, she’s going to be a strong woman!

Weight: 18 lb 6 oz
Length: 29 inches








One thought on “Liberty at EIGHT Months!

  1. Hi Princess
    You look so cute in your little dress! You are growing up way to fast! I cant wait to see you again.Keep up the good work on crawling. Miss you so much!!!!!


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