Liberty Is NINE Months

Liberty is growing so quickly and moving all over the place! She’s really taken off with her crawling, especially when it comes to following Canton around. She tried crawling on Nanny’s cold tile and definitely noticed the temperature and difference in traction! She is great at cruising too, not sure if she’ll beat Canton’s walking at 10 months but she’ll do it before July I’m sure.

She pretty much has the best fine motor skills of any baby I’ve ever seen. She is a pro at finding anything and everything off the floor. During her time here in FL she has Rhonda rolling with laughter over playing with her hands and acting like she has hair between her fingers.

No teeth to report on, but she is still a great eater. She’s tried yogurt and a few more fruits and veggies. Pears and oatmeal are still her favorites.

She’s been waking up a lot during the night while practicing standing, but generally she is sleeping from 10-630, so I can’t complain too much.

Liberty still is much more laid back than big brother. She is usually SO happy and loves to laugh, until she can’t get where she wants and then watch out!

She’s been doing a much better job at letting people besides me hold her, still can’t say separation anxiety is gone, but it’s much more manageable.

Liberty doesn’t say too much while big brother is around, but get him out of the room and she jabbers all over the place. She can say “mama” of course as well as “da-da”, “bruh bruh” which is for Canton, and we’ve heard “Hi” a few times, but not enough to say it’s a word I think.

We’re very lucky to have our sweet (and LONG) girl!

Weight: 20 lb 1 oz
Height: 30 in






2 thoughts on “Liberty Is NINE Months

  1. So glad I was able to see you miss liberty. What a difference 8 months makes! Thanks for letting me hold you and play with your big brother. Hope you have enough room to pack all your new outfits and shoes from staying with rha-rha 🙂

  2. Hi Princess
    You are the most perfect LITTLE PRINCESS anyone could ever hope for! You are so CUTE and LOVABLE!!! I loved all the time I got to spend with you. I had alot of fun watching Canton learn to swim. Cant wait to see you guys again
    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

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