21 Months for Liberty!

Oh Liberty is growing up SOOOO fast! She is so independent it amazes me! She feeds herself, puts on her undies, pants, and shoes, brushes her teeth and hair, she tries to do everything by herself! She has quite a strong wilL!

Liberty also channels the spirit of Mal by constantly worrying about everyone else. She is always saying “Nanny” or “Rha Rha” or “Pap” or “BeBe” to know what her extended family members are up to.

She still loves to read books, play with her kitchen and, of course, her Minnies. She doesn’t shy away from any activity though. She’ll ride her big wheel outside, play in the sandbox (until she gets dirty which she HATES), she’s up for anything. She even swam while we were in FL, she is not afraid of anything! Which can be quite worrisome to Mom! 🙂

Her vocabulary is finally starting to come along. The funniest thing is when she says “oh-no” or “ow” like she really hurts herself or something! She even counts 1,2,3! My favorite thing to hear her say is “purple”, it’s so cute!

I’m sure she will have even more surprises for us next month!

Height: 33 1/8 inches
Weight: 25.5 lbs

Liberty is 11 Months!

Liberty is SOOOO close to walking! She is up to over 20 steps while chasing after Canton and pretty consistently goes about 7-10 before she plops down. But, her best way to catch Canton is crawling so that is still the preferred method of transportation. Shouldn’t be long until she is official.

Still no teeth, but she is enjoying third foods, particularly spaghetti, a girl of my own heart. Cereal is still her favorite thing, lucky for us, because Canton was not a fan.

She has officially said her first word, besides mama and dada….DOG! We go for a walk around the neighborhood in the evening and her favorite cul-de-sac has a super old golden retriever “Buddy”, she knows as soon as we turn on that street and she pulls herself up in her stroller and says “dog”, it sounds more like “dag” but she knows what she is saying because she identifies Roxy too! She does well with following directions, even obeys no most of the time, she will put something down or go get something or go to someone. I love the look on her face when she shows she understands what we are saying!

Liberty is still not a fan of strangers, she always looks to make sure I’m nearby, but, she does seem to remember some family and goes to them a little more easily. As long as she has some time to warm up she does okay, but mom and big brother are still her favorites.

Speaking of big brother, Liberty and Canton are definitely in a rough-and-tumble phase. They “wrestle” quite often, she’ll laugh and laugh and she lays on Canton and he tries to wiggle to get free. She is one tough cookie!

Liberty is in love with being outside! She loves to ride in the wagon and watch brother chase bubbles. I’m sure she is getting excited for her first hike with Aunt Becky and Uncle Ben!

It is so helpful to have an easy second baby! She eats well, sleeps well (although Mike says she gets up too early thanks to her Holdaway genes!) and plays well, we are quite lucky to have our Liberty May!

I’m throwing in several pictures because it was way too difficult to get her to sit, all she wanted to do was stand! AHH!

Height: 31 inches

Weight: 21 lbs 10 oz














Liberty Is NINE Months

Liberty is growing so quickly and moving all over the place! She’s really taken off with her crawling, especially when it comes to following Canton around. She tried crawling on Nanny’s cold tile and definitely noticed the temperature and difference in traction! She is great at cruising too, not sure if she’ll beat Canton’s walking at 10 months but she’ll do it before July I’m sure.

She pretty much has the best fine motor skills of any baby I’ve ever seen. She is a pro at finding anything and everything off the floor. During her time here in FL she has Rhonda rolling with laughter over playing with her hands and acting like she has hair between her fingers.

No teeth to report on, but she is still a great eater. She’s tried yogurt and a few more fruits and veggies. Pears and oatmeal are still her favorites.

She’s been waking up a lot during the night while practicing standing, but generally she is sleeping from 10-630, so I can’t complain too much.

Liberty still is much more laid back than big brother. She is usually SO happy and loves to laugh, until she can’t get where she wants and then watch out!

She’s been doing a much better job at letting people besides me hold her, still can’t say separation anxiety is gone, but it’s much more manageable.

Liberty doesn’t say too much while big brother is around, but get him out of the room and she jabbers all over the place. She can say “mama” of course as well as “da-da”, “bruh bruh” which is for Canton, and we’ve heard “Hi” a few times, but not enough to say it’s a word I think.

We’re very lucky to have our sweet (and LONG) girl!

Weight: 20 lb 1 oz
Height: 30 in