Liberty at 13 months!

Liberty sure has learned a lot in her 13 months!

Despite having just one tooth she is eating well, she enjoys EGGS (which she can also say), most fruits, yogurt, plain baked potatoes, and she wouldn’t be from the Holdaway side without loving green beans! Most of her protein comes from baby food still, but she’s getting there.

Speaking of getting there, this girl can fly around the house now! She is getting so fast! No longer does she toddle around, she all but runs!

She communicates well with pointing and grunting, she has added “eggs” to the list of words she can say (mama, dada, bruh-bruh, dog) and signs “water” and “please”, which helps a lot. She also moos and oinks, yay!

Interest wise, despite the princess push from Rhonda, she loves using Canton’s cars and trains, she LOVES animals, being outside, and seeing other babies. She gets so excited to see another baby in the store on on her diaper boxes. She’s a social girl!

She’s also a strong-willed girl. She has no problem standing up for herself or creatively using an object she can find to help her accomplish her goal. She often will pull pillows to stack and help her climb the couch or use her princess car to run into Canton when he’s getting in her face a little too much. Needless to say, she’s begun to visit the time out corner more than a few times! 🙂

She’s a character and we’re so lucky to have her!

Weight: 23 lbs

Length: 31 inches






One thought on “Liberty at 13 months!

  1. Way to go miss liberty! You are a mover and a shaker that’s for sure. Glad you and brother are having fun on the power wheels. And keep standing up for yourself…that’s what the 2nd child has to do :).

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