Liberty at 14 Months!

Liberty continues to grow and learn in her 14 months!

Liberty and I have had a lot of girl time now that brother is off to school. During the day she is so sweet, she loves to read, cuddle, and run around. But, as soon as Canton get home she just wails on the poor boy. Out of no where she will hit him for no apparent reason…we say that is her Hilda May coming out…hopefully that will pass soon. Canton has been a real trooper dealing with her temper. Needless to say, Liberty has been a frequent visitor of time out.

She still has just the one tooth. She hasn’t been eating as well this month, but she has a lot of “reserves” we say, so a few weeks of picky eating won’t hurt her too much. She still loves eggs, yogurt, and green beans. Otherwise, not so much.

She is communicating more but she still doesn’t talk a whole lot. She has added “min” to the list of words she can say which is for her Minnie doll, she also is sooo close to saying “Nanny” (mama, eggs, dada, bruh-bruh, dog). She still uses her signs for water and please. She

Interest wise, she has really began to dance A LOT and her love for animals is growing. She can recognize/point to most typical animals in her books and will make “moo”, “oink”, and “ruff” sounds!

She surprises us each day and we are oh so lucky to have her!

Weight: 23 2oz lbs

Length: 31.25 inches







One thought on “Liberty at 14 Months!

  1. Hi Princess
    You look so cute in your little dress and hat! Im not sure what to say about your next outfit except IT DOES NOT MATCH!! and I know those pants have a matching shirt! You sure are growing. I cant believe that my sweet little Princess is beating up her brother ,we will talk about that when you get to florida! Keep practicing to say nanny and try to say Rha Rha. Cant wait to see you!!!!


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