Liberty is 17 Months!

Well, Liberty is up to 2.5 teeth this month! 🙂

She’s added a couple words, she makes a sound for “Ariel” the princess and says “roni” for macaroni and “yum yum” when she wants a snack. She also loves to say “go” and picks out her various shoes to coordinate with her outfits. She still calls for Nanny and Rhonda in the morning, Liberty certainly misses them and loves when we get to facetime, she comes running when she hears the sound! She has warmed my heart by adding “Mal” to her vocab and identifying her in pictures! 🙂

Very exciting news this month, potty training! She smacks her backside to let us know she needs to go and has been accident free (minus over night) for a week! What a sweet smart girl we have! 🙂




Weight: 24.5 lbs
Height: 32.5 inches

One thought on “Liberty is 17 Months!

  1. Hi Princess
    Way to go with the potty training I knew you could do it! As for the teeth I suppose there is no time like the present to ask Santa for your TWO FRONT TEETH!! I miss you too, cant wait til you get to Fl.


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