21 Months for Liberty!

Oh Liberty is growing up SOOOO fast! She is so independent it amazes me! She feeds herself, puts on her undies, pants, and shoes, brushes her teeth and hair, she tries to do everything by herself! She has quite a strong wilL!

Liberty also channels the spirit of Mal by constantly worrying about everyone else. She is always saying “Nanny” or “Rha Rha” or “Pap” or “BeBe” to know what her extended family members are up to.

She still loves to read books, play with her kitchen and, of course, her Minnies. She doesn’t shy away from any activity though. She’ll ride her big wheel outside, play in the sandbox (until she gets dirty which she HATES), she’s up for anything. She even swam while we were in FL, she is not afraid of anything! Which can be quite worrisome to Mom! 🙂

Her vocabulary is finally starting to come along. The funniest thing is when she says “oh-no” or “ow” like she really hurts herself or something! She even counts 1,2,3! My favorite thing to hear her say is “purple”, it’s so cute!

I’m sure she will have even more surprises for us next month!

Height: 33 1/8 inches
Weight: 25.5 lbs

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