Liberty is 23 Months!

Our sweet girl is almost 2! Kind of crazy really to think we will have a two year old, add a baby on top soon, man it is going to start to get crazy around here!

Liberty is just a happy girl. It is so sweet having Canton home and watching them together. They’ve started actually playing together for longer stretches of time and Liberty oddly understands whatever complicated game Canton comes up with, which helps Canton be more patient in explaining what they’re trying to do. Just when it is starting to get manageable we throw a new kid in the mix! 🙂

She’s still not where Canton was with vocabulary, but her language bank definitely continues to grow. Our favorite is when we excitedly screams “There it is!” or “I got it!” when anyone has been looking for something.

Until next month 🙂

Weight: 26.75 lbs
Height: 34 inches


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