Adleigh Sue is 4 Months!

Adleigh celebrated her four months spending time with Canton (no school) and Liberty!

Our peanut is continuing to grow and practice all her new skills. She is the laugher of the family, she has a great sense of humor. She LOVES to watch Canton and Liberty play, Canton will always get a laugh out of her. She even laughs as Roxy runs/rolls around. Adleigh uses her hands quite well, we say she is a karate chopper, she is great at putting anything she can find right into her mouth. She’s starting to enjoy tummy time a little more, she holds her head up higher and longer. Canton sat right at four months, Liberty was midway through her fifth month, I think Adleigh will land somewhere in between. She spends so much time putting weight on her legs, she just doesn’t have time to practice sitting! She will last for about 10-20 seconds before laughing and falling over.

Adleigh is our alarm clock around here, she’ll sleep from around 10pm – 7am on the nose. She doesn’t cry, she enjoys a morning conversation with herself! 🙂 However, she is much like Canton with napping. I consider myself lucky if I get a morning and afternoon twenty minute nap out of her. Canton was the same way, two twenty minute naps and no nap at 18 months!

It is a hectic house, but I can imagine myself any where else! 🙂

Weight: 14lbs
Height: 24.75 inches



One thought on “Adleigh Sue is 4 Months!

  1. HI Adleigh
    Oh my gosh you are growing so fast!!! You are so cute and I know how you laugh at stuff and watch Canton and Liberty I know you cant wait to be playing with them. Im sure by the time I see you in May you will probably be walking! Miss you!


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