Adleigh is 21 Months

Adleigh is growing up!

Despite taking so long to get her teeth, she has most of them, just her canines are missing.  She still doesn’t eat much though, but she definitely loves ICE CREAM!  (Video placeholder)

Her language has come along more this month.  She has added lots of animal words and sounds.  She is still working on saying Canton and Liberty.  Mostly everything is “yellow” but she can say “blue” and “purple”!

She loves loves loves playing with her siblings.  She and Liberty dress up a lot and she loves to read, make, and snuggle with Canton.  She also likes to watch Sofia the First and Sesame Street when I need a few minutes to make dinner, she will actually sit and watch for a short time, which has been a big help.

Adleigh’s favorite thing is to dance though, this girl is a dancing fool!  She loves music too!  Canton has been serenading her with Mary Poppins songs and it makes her soooooooo happy!  She will scream “Yeah song!  Yeah song!”   When Liberty is in preschool in the fall I’m going to have to take this girl to gymnastics, she is all over the place!

I was in Walmart on Tuesday with just Ad (Mike took Canton and Liberty to BG) and while I drove around the regular cart, as opposed to the HUGE multiple kid cart, just realized just how much I will miss having a little one.  Though it is EXHAUSTING, it goes so fast.  Knowing that she is last baby has helped me appreciate all the little moments and have patience through all the long nights, so these next three months I’m going to work even harder to cherish every second, even if she is giving me gray hair with her daredevil ways, because it goes by before you’re ready.

Length:  32 inches

Weight:  24.5lbs

Adleigh is 16 Months

16 months!  Our peanut is getting so big!

She still has 5 teeth, she was the last for them to come in but they sure exploded on her.  At this point Liberty had 2.5 teeth! 🙂

Adleigh is all over the place, this morning I saw her hiking her leg up over the crib.  Liberty was in her toddler bed at this age but Adleigh is too much of a risk taker for that!  She can jump, climb, and flip with the best of them!  Her favorite thing to do currently is dance!  She loves music and loves to twirl.  Liberty got a dancing Sofia for Christmas and it is Adleigh’s favorite thing to do–dance with the Sofia doll!  I could watch her do that all day!

She still isn’t saying too much.  She did manage to say “Ben” when identifying some family members.  On FaceTime today she said “Rha Rha” two times!!

Adleigh is her mama’s girl food wise–she is finally eating more and LOVES LOVES LOVES green beans and spaghetti!!

Very exciting news this month, potty training! She has a definite poop face which I am able to catch the majority of the time.  Still working on number 1, but we are definitely cutting down on the number of diapers.  She’s probably saving $1/day! 🙂

Height: 30  inches

Weight:  22lbs 6oz



Adleigh is 11 Months

Adleigh can walk, but crawling is still her preferred method of transportation.  She is up to over 30 steps while chasing after Canton or Mommy and pretty consistently goes about 7-10 before she plops down. Shouldn’t be long until she is official.

Just as Liberty she still does not have any teeth.  Her favorites are yogurt mixed with cereal and pear/blueberry mix.

Adleigh has been saying dada forever, she occasionally throws in a “mama” and we’ve heard “hi” a couple times, but other than that she just does a high pitched squeal  🙂

She does well with following directions, except for not obeying “NO” when she is pulling up the air vent covers, one of her favorite past times, or trying to be sneaky to get up on the second step.  Otherwise she obeys no most of the time, she will put something down or go get something or go to someone. I love the look on her face when she shows she understands what we are saying!

Adleigh does NOT do well with strangers,  She hates going to the store, she always looks to make sure I’m nearby.  She will have loads of visitors for her birthday, we’ll see how she does.

Just as Liberty, she LOVES with being outside! She greatly enjoys swinging and just watching Canton and Liberty run all over the place.


She is a good sleeper, hardest child to change a diaper on, and the happiest baby of all three.  We are blessed to have our happy-go-lucky girl! 🙂

Height: 29 inches

Weight: 20 lbs 14 oz


DSC_0245 DSC_0254

Adleigh is 10 Months!

Adleigh Sue continues to grow and move. She has taken one and a half steps and can stand well on her own.  Her favorite thing though is definitely the stairs, I always have to stay extra vigilant to make sure I’m right there, otherwise she’d be way up the stairs on her own!  She’s getting big!  I am not pushing her to start walking, I will soon be running after her!

She is the sweetest baby, thank goodness!  She loves to be held still, which makes things a little hard, but she is a happy girl! She also loves her brother, no one can make her laugh like Canton.  She loves to chase after him, climb on him, and even just watch him.

No teeth to report on again, but she loves to drink from her cup and eat yogurt, but that is pretty much all she likes to each.

She has also discovered the kitchen cabinets! 🙂

We love you peanut!

Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz

Length: 29 inches

Adleigh is 9 Months!

Adleigh moving all over the place! She’s great at crawling, even if it is with the Canton leg hight.  She is especially great when it comes to following Canton around or trying to be near Liberty. She is cruising too, one handed, the stairs are her favorite thing!  She is also super squirmy during diaper changes, definitely the most wigglely child. She cannot get enough of climbing the stairs and scaring me!  Canton walked at 10 months, Liberty 11, wouldn’t surprise me if Adleigh walked tomorrow!

No teeth to report on, but that’s just fine with me because she isn’t a big eater of solids so most of her food still comes from me. She’s tried yogurt and a few more fruits and veggies. She seems to like oatmeal poured into strawberry yogurt best.

She’s been waking up a lot during the night while practicing standing, but generally she is sleeping from 10-640, so I can’t complain too much.

Adleigh still is much more laid back than big brother or her spitfire sister. She is usually SO happy and loves to laugh, she says da da well but most of her other sounds are just yelling and a cute little grrrr (Canton says she sounds like a dragon, I think she is just trying to imitate Liberty’s mad sound)! 🙂

She still doesn’t like other people to hold her, but that will change soon enough.  I’ll get my cuddles while I can.

We’re very lucky to have our sweet and laid back girl!

Weight: 18 lb 10oz
Height: 27.5 in

Adleigh is 8 Months!

Adleigh is just growing and growing!  Her big highlights of the month included crawling and pulling up! She’s been waving for quite a while, it is so cute when the boys leave in the morning and she waves to them!

She is definitely getting stronger too, she started crawling yesterday, army in the morning and hitched leg like Canton by evening.  Our world is changing with her on the move now!

Adleigh is not a big eater.  We did discover she likes peaches, but she would prefer just to nurse and nurse.  We will keep trying.  In keeping with Can and Lou, she also has no teeth.  She can just about get herself back to a sitting position once she falls over or from her stomach.

Talking wise Adleigh babbles some but she mostly just yells.  As Rhonda says, it is what she needs to do to get attention around here! 🙂

She has got her fine motor skills! She loves to open and shut the little doors on her walker and she can pick up the tiniest leaf/yard waste/couch dirt she finds, so we are on high alert around here!

Adleigh has her own personality, she is so happy!  One of the three had to be right?! 🙂  Canton was/is so serious and Liberty is such a spitfire, it is interesting to watch Adleigh just be content and happy!  We are so blessed to have her!

Weight: 18 lb 1 oz
Length: 27.5 inches

IMG_8687 IMG_8690 IMG_8688


Adleigh is Seven Months!

Adleigh has made a lot of progress in getting things that are out of her reach. She knows if something is out of her reach while she’s sitting, she can actually do something about it, she falls forward, and reaches out for it. At this point Liberty had gotten onto all fours, Adleigh isn’t quite there, but this girl stands like a champ!

Talking wise, she mostly just yells, especially when she wants to join in all the chaos created by her brother and sister. As for actual sounds, we’ve heard lots, “ba” “ga” and even some “dada” and “mama”. She is also pretty close to waving!

Adleigh has a pretty laid back personality, thank goodness! She loves music but mostly she is content just to be held or watch her siblings! She is a laugher, she frequently laughs at all the silly things I do or especially Canton!

No teeth, but the other two didn’t get teeth for quite a while either. Food wise, she’s LOVES oatmeal and squash, just like Liberty.

We will soon have visitors for Canton’s birthday, I’m sure she will be her sweet self! She will be on the move pretty soon, things are going to get crazy around here!

Weight: 17 lbs 9 oz
Length:  27 in

Adleigh is 5 Months!

Adleigh has been with us for five whole months!

We were hoping she would be sitting, but all she isn’t quite there yet. Though when she tries she can get up to over a minute. Hopefully only a few more days and she’ll get the hang of it! She’s just like Liberty, she wants to stand!

Adleigh is still her sweet self. She hardly ever cries and is easily comforted if she does, especially by being held/walking with mama or watching BIG BROTHER! We’ve also learned how ticklish she is under her arms and on her feet! She loves to laugh! She definitely seems more laid back than the other two. I have to have at least one laid back kid right 😉

She’s been able to roll one way for a while and is trying to go the other way, still a while to go though. She also loves to razz and has been heard saying “da da da da” a few times.

Her sleep habits are still great, definitely can’t complain about 10pm – 645am sleeping, but she only has two short (like 20 min) naps each day, so getting stuff done is hard, but we love our peanut!

Weight: 16 lb 2 oz
Length: 26 1/8 inches


Adleigh Sue is 4 Months!

Adleigh celebrated her four months spending time with Canton (no school) and Liberty!

Our peanut is continuing to grow and practice all her new skills. She is the laugher of the family, she has a great sense of humor. She LOVES to watch Canton and Liberty play, Canton will always get a laugh out of her. She even laughs as Roxy runs/rolls around. Adleigh uses her hands quite well, we say she is a karate chopper, she is great at putting anything she can find right into her mouth. She’s starting to enjoy tummy time a little more, she holds her head up higher and longer. Canton sat right at four months, Liberty was midway through her fifth month, I think Adleigh will land somewhere in between. She spends so much time putting weight on her legs, she just doesn’t have time to practice sitting! She will last for about 10-20 seconds before laughing and falling over.

Adleigh is our alarm clock around here, she’ll sleep from around 10pm – 7am on the nose. She doesn’t cry, she enjoys a morning conversation with herself! 🙂 However, she is much like Canton with napping. I consider myself lucky if I get a morning and afternoon twenty minute nap out of her. Canton was the same way, two twenty minute naps and no nap at 18 months!

It is a hectic house, but I can imagine myself any where else! 🙂

Weight: 14lbs
Height: 24.75 inches