Adleigh is 5 Months!

Adleigh has been with us for five whole months!

We were hoping she would be sitting, but all she isn’t quite there yet. Though when she tries she can get up to over a minute. Hopefully only a few more days and she’ll get the hang of it! She’s just like Liberty, she wants to stand!

Adleigh is still her sweet self. She hardly ever cries and is easily comforted if she does, especially by being held/walking with mama or watching BIG BROTHER! We’ve also learned how ticklish she is under her arms and on her feet! She loves to laugh! She definitely seems more laid back than the other two. I have to have at least one laid back kid right 😉

She’s been able to roll one way for a while and is trying to go the other way, still a while to go though. She also loves to razz and has been heard saying “da da da da” a few times.

Her sleep habits are still great, definitely can’t complain about 10pm – 645am sleeping, but she only has two short (like 20 min) naps each day, so getting stuff done is hard, but we love our peanut!

Weight: 16 lb 2 oz
Length: 26 1/8 inches


One thought on “Adleigh is 5 Months!

  1. Hi Adleigh
    Wow I cant believe how big you have gotton! You are adorable! You keep practicing and you will be sitting up soon. Cant wait to see you in May!


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