Adleigh is 6 Months!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Peanut!

Adleigh is sitting just fine now! I still won’t leave her, because I don’t trust her not to stand, but she can sit as long as she wants, that just usually isn’t more than two minutes! Her fine most skills are great, she can manipulate her wrists well, watch out if you are getting bread while holding her, she goes right after it!

Just as her brother and sister before her, she is bucking her nap, sometimes only taking a 20-30 minute nap the whole day! I suppose I should be grateful for 10:00-6:30 overnight though…you can almost set your watch by her.

Adleigh is making a lot of new sounds and pointing her tongue. She doesn’t babble as much as Canton, but he does enough talking for everyone.

Her most favorite thing is, of course, Liberty and Canton! She loves to watch whatever they are doing. Liberty is such a help during the day with bringing and throwing away diapers, and he shows her little toys that he thinks she’ll like. Liberty did say yesterday that Adleigh couldn’t war her Minnie clothes when she is bigger and they don’t fit her anymore “I don’t think so mom, they are too important to me!” What a diva!

Overall, she continues to be a very happy girl, a perfect addition, we couldn’t imagine us without her! 🙂

Weight: 16 lb 2 oz

Height: 27.75 inches 


One thought on “Adleigh is 6 Months!

  1. Hi Adleigh
    Wow look at you already 6 months old! You look adorable, I love your little smile. Looks like you are going to be the one with the dark hair and eyes like mommy. Cant wait to see you in May.


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