Adleigh is 9 Months!

Adleigh moving all over the place! She’s great at crawling, even if it is with the Canton leg hight.  She is especially great when it comes to following Canton around or trying to be near Liberty. She is cruising too, one handed, the stairs are her favorite thing!  She is also super squirmy during diaper changes, definitely the most wigglely child. She cannot get enough of climbing the stairs and scaring me!  Canton walked at 10 months, Liberty 11, wouldn’t surprise me if Adleigh walked tomorrow!

No teeth to report on, but that’s just fine with me because she isn’t a big eater of solids so most of her food still comes from me. She’s tried yogurt and a few more fruits and veggies. She seems to like oatmeal poured into strawberry yogurt best.

She’s been waking up a lot during the night while practicing standing, but generally she is sleeping from 10-640, so I can’t complain too much.

Adleigh still is much more laid back than big brother or her spitfire sister. She is usually SO happy and loves to laugh, she says da da well but most of her other sounds are just yelling and a cute little grrrr (Canton says she sounds like a dragon, I think she is just trying to imitate Liberty’s mad sound)! 🙂

She still doesn’t like other people to hold her, but that will change soon enough.  I’ll get my cuddles while I can.

We’re very lucky to have our sweet and laid back girl!

Weight: 18 lb 10oz
Height: 27.5 in

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