Happy 3rd Birthday Liberty

Our sweet Lou isn’t two, she’s three!

Liberty had a great birthday! Rhonda gave her everything under the sun Minnie Mouse wise. She finds the cutest clothes! She especially loves her new owls and her owl bag. Rhonda and liberty also spent some time playing with the mini mouse reader books and the shopping mall that was also from nanny. 

Becky sent a cute little red riding hood doll and Jesse sent some Minnie Moise characters she is so excited about!

She loves her purple owl from  Pap and pony from Beth!  GG sent some money, always fun! Liberty loves her birthday skirt and books from poppy and Grandma. 

She was so excited to eat her cake! She started the day not wanting to be three but she got used to it soon enough!

Here’s to another great year!
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Adleigh’s thoughts on the day aye yigh yigh

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One thought on “Happy 3rd Birthday Liberty

    L is for all the Love you have to give
    I is for your wild and funny imagination
    B is for your bubbley self
    E is for how extra special you are
    R is for all the random sweet things you do and say
    T is for the three years of joy you have brought to our family
    Y is for all the years yet to come

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