Adleigh is 10 Months!

Adleigh Sue continues to grow and move. She has taken one and a half steps and can stand well on her own.  Her favorite thing though is definitely the stairs, I always have to stay extra vigilant to make sure I’m right there, otherwise she’d be way up the stairs on her own!  She’s getting big!  I am not pushing her to start walking, I will soon be running after her!

She is the sweetest baby, thank goodness!  She loves to be held still, which makes things a little hard, but she is a happy girl! She also loves her brother, no one can make her laugh like Canton.  She loves to chase after him, climb on him, and even just watch him.

No teeth to report on again, but she loves to drink from her cup and eat yogurt, but that is pretty much all she likes to each.

She has also discovered the kitchen cabinets! 🙂

We love you peanut!

Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz

Length: 29 inches

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