Adleigh’s First Birthday Party

Adleigh has been a little up and down with all of our visitors, but she had a great day at her party!  Becky and Ben came all the way from CA and of course Nanny and Rhonda were here!

Adleigh loves her new couch from Nanny!  Becky sewed her a little mermaid and accessories, plus brought a shirt from Pap that he got on his trip.  Rhonda brought lots of clothes, dishes, and other goodies.  Canton and Liberty gave her a toy alligator that pops out balls.  She loves all her presents, thank you everyone!

I think the highlight of her day was everyone singing to her, she was a little upset at that point and then just calmed down and smiled that big beautiful smile of hers!

Cheers to one year and many more to come!

PS–She did try her cake! (Unlike Canton, while Liberty just ate icing!)

Adleigh's first birthday cake! from Mike Murphy on Vimeo.

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One thought on “Adleigh’s First Birthday Party

  1. Hi Adleigh
    Had a great time celebrating your first birthday. Glad you have come around and have decided to hang out with me. You are a very sweet and happy little girl, and I just love your laugh!

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