Adleigh at 14 Months!

Adleigh continues to grow and learn in her 14 months!

Adleigh finally had teeth come in, all front 4!

She is beginning to show a lot of personaility, a wild personality!  She runs, climbs, and dances all day long.  If I am cooking I have to make sure to park her close by because many times she has been up a handful of stairs before I know it.  Canton and Liberty help keep an eye on her too!

Food wise she still loves yogurt, fruit, and green beans. Otherwise, this girl would be happy to nurse all day long

She is communicating more but she still doesn’t talk a whole lot. She still uses her signs for water, more, all done, and please. She also has a sign for “Itzy-Bitzy Spider” which is her most favorite thing to do!  She also enjoys facetime and dance dance dancing the day away!

Adleigh surprises us and makes us laugh so much each day!  We are so blessed to have our peanut!

Weight: 21 lbs 8oz

Length: 30.75 inches

Adleigh and her spirit animal 😉

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