Adleigh is 16 Months

16 months!  Our peanut is getting so big!

She still has 5 teeth, she was the last for them to come in but they sure exploded on her.  At this point Liberty had 2.5 teeth! 🙂

Adleigh is all over the place, this morning I saw her hiking her leg up over the crib.  Liberty was in her toddler bed at this age but Adleigh is too much of a risk taker for that!  She can jump, climb, and flip with the best of them!  Her favorite thing to do currently is dance!  She loves music and loves to twirl.  Liberty got a dancing Sofia for Christmas and it is Adleigh’s favorite thing to do–dance with the Sofia doll!  I could watch her do that all day!

She still isn’t saying too much.  She did manage to say “Ben” when identifying some family members.  On FaceTime today she said “Rha Rha” two times!!

Adleigh is her mama’s girl food wise–she is finally eating more and LOVES LOVES LOVES green beans and spaghetti!!

Very exciting news this month, potty training! She has a definite poop face which I am able to catch the majority of the time.  Still working on number 1, but we are definitely cutting down on the number of diapers.  She’s probably saving $1/day! 🙂

Height: 30  inches

Weight:  22lbs 6oz



One thought on “Adleigh is 16 Months

  1. Hey Adleigh
    Happy 16 months, time sure is flying by! I have enjoyed being able to facetime with you and was so happy to hear you say Rha Rha! Keep up the good work with the potty, and make sure Mommy puts that dollar a day you save them in your piggy bank(HA HA) Love your sleeper. See ya soon.

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