Adleigh is 17 Months!

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Adleigh continues to grow and learn and make us laugh every day!

The flu hit the house pretty hard the last couple weeks. It hit me and the Canton (plus strep) which of course made it to Liberty and then Mike. We thought Ad was going to come through unscathed, but this flu virus is mighty powerful this year! But, she handled it well, her first time ever throwing up I think! It was hard to see her so subdued though, she is normally all over the place!

She still doesn’t like to eat much besides spaghetti and green beans. She does have 6 1/2 teeth though!

I think that she is finally starting to put some words and sounds together. She has been so focused on moving, climbing, just being all over the place in general, that words and language development has come later. But, in the last couple weeks she is added “nanny”, “rha rha”, “baby”, “night night”, lots of animal sounds, and “mermaid” (thanks to Liberty’s sudden obsession with Ariel)! She is trying to say “Canton” and “Liberty” too! She love love loves her bro and sis!

She loves to FaceTime, read books, dig in the drawers, and her favorite thing lately has been to ride in the Jeep power wheel with liberty!

So excited to see what she will do next!!

Weight: 22.75 lbs

Height: 31.5 inches

One thought on “Adleigh is 17 Months!

  1. Hi Adleigh
    Happy 17 months! Glad you are feeling better.You look very cute in your pajamas and I bet you could have a Dance Party! Glad to hear you like spending time with Liberty, she is going to be a Great Sister to you!!!


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