Adleigh is 18 Months!

So my baby is now one and a half?!?!

Adleigh Sue is a baby no longer!  She feeds herself, tries to escape her crib, and pretty much wants to exert her independence however she can!

Eating wise, she has all 8 of the front teeth and is working on the back ones.  She still isn’t a huge fan of solids–spaghetti, green beans, bananas, and a recent discovery–Chick Fil A nuggets!

Liberty was potty trained at this point.  Adleigh isn’t too interested yet, but I’m sure it won’t be soon.

She has finally started to talk a lot more!  She loves to say “Nanny” in the morning with the phone and facetime her namesake.  She can say “Rha Rha”, “Pap”, “GG”, and Ben!  She can say lots of animal sounds, as well as baby, book, mermaid, dog, and she’s trying hard to say Canton and Liberty, but those are pretty hard!  She has the standard ones down too (hi, bye bye, etc)

Adleigh loves to dance with her Sophia doll, play “This Little Piggie”, sing “Itzy Bitzy”, read books, chase Canton and Liberty, and be outside.  This girl climbed up Canton’s bike yesterday trying to ride it!!  She can easily conquer most slides and has climbed the rungs to the monkey bars as I sprint to catch her!  I can’t be far from her outside!  She always finds something to get into—climbing, eating dirt, you name it.

I love her smile when I go in and pick her up out of her crib in the morning.  So happy to greet the day and explore the world!

Height: 32 inches

Weight: 23.4 lbs


image image image

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