To Liberty as You Turn 4

Dear Liberty,

What a year!  A lot has changed, that little baby we had at your last birthday is now a moving zooming toddler with whom you share a strong relationship.  You’ve gotten more used to our new house, you’ve made some friends, and my how you have grown.  Now, you are 4!  It happened right before my eyes, you have turned from a big toddler to a preschooler in a moment.

You’ve always had a sense of yourself and your own set of preferences.  You always allow yourself to shine through.  You like things a certain way.  When we headed to the store to get your birthday decorations I had no doubt that we would come back with a load of Ariel stuff, but you wanted all the princesses so Adleigh would have Belle, I love how you can still surprise me with your kind heart.

We spend our mornings signing songs (you love the months) and counting down days until Rhonda visits the next time.  You love reading books and playing dress up.  You love cooking with me, especially baking, but mostly just waiting for a spare chocolate chip or to lick the icing spoon.  You especially love hide and seek, I can hear you breathing with anticipation as you wait for me/Canton to find you.  May you continue to be so excited about life.

I know your independent stubborn streak comes from Mal, but it is still surprising to see it in action.  I don’t need to tell you (most days) to brush your teeth or get dressed, you are happy to do many big-kids things yourself.  You have a kind heart, but don’t cross you! 🙂

You get so excited when Adleigh says a new word or picks up a new skill and when it is time to go get Canton and see what he has done at school.  May you continue to be inspired and loving.

You have tried gymnastics and ballet this year, without hesitation, may you always have that same drive in new situations.

You tend to hang back, observe, and follow directions, quietly watching and waiting for your moment, but you also know when to speak up when something isn’t quite right.  May you continue to be strong, kind, and brave.

You learned to write your name, love to read, and have begun to tell jokes.  May you always be silly and love learning.

This fall you will head to preschool.  You say you are ready and excited to play at school but “I will miss you forever Mom”, I know you will learn and grow, even when I’m not there beside you.

You’re leaving the shell of your toddler years behind and you are marching to preschooler territory, it is exciting and terrifying all at once.  I think about how much of your life this far that you won’t remember.  Some of the best moments of my entire life are the four years I have had being with you each and every day.  I used to run around trying to help so many other kids, I never imagined the most important and most fulfilling thing I could do is read with you, cook with you, play dress up, or watch you play with your brother and sister.  Though these moments won’t be in your memory, I hope they will shape your world and your sense of self.

As we say goodnight each and sing our song you say “I love you forever Mom” and it makes my heart burst each time.  You came out with a bang and changed my world ever since.  I’ll love you forever too.



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Age 3

Last Day Being 3


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