Adleigh is 21 Months

Adleigh is growing up!

Despite taking so long to get her teeth, she has most of them, just her canines are missing.  She still doesn’t eat much though, but she definitely loves ICE CREAM!  (Video placeholder)

Her language has come along more this month.  She has added lots of animal words and sounds.  She is still working on saying Canton and Liberty.  Mostly everything is “yellow” but she can say “blue” and “purple”!

She loves loves loves playing with her siblings.  She and Liberty dress up a lot and she loves to read, make, and snuggle with Canton.  She also likes to watch Sofia the First and Sesame Street when I need a few minutes to make dinner, she will actually sit and watch for a short time, which has been a big help.

Adleigh’s favorite thing is to dance though, this girl is a dancing fool!  She loves music too!  Canton has been serenading her with Mary Poppins songs and it makes her soooooooo happy!  She will scream “Yeah song!  Yeah song!”   When Liberty is in preschool in the fall I’m going to have to take this girl to gymnastics, she is all over the place!

I was in Walmart on Tuesday with just Ad (Mike took Canton and Liberty to BG) and while I drove around the regular cart, as opposed to the HUGE multiple kid cart, just realized just how much I will miss having a little one.  Though it is EXHAUSTING, it goes so fast.  Knowing that she is last baby has helped me appreciate all the little moments and have patience through all the long nights, so these next three months I’m going to work even harder to cherish every second, even if she is giving me gray hair with her daredevil ways, because it goes by before you’re ready.

Length:  32 inches

Weight:  24.5lbs

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