Canton’s Swimming

Canton’s New Years Resolution was to learn to swim. 52 days ago we went to the pool for the first time. He entered the water with arm floaties and stayed mostly in the shallow end.

Today, he swam his first meet!

We are so proud of him! Most of the kids on the team his age have been swimming for three years or more but he had enough growth and improvement to be able to swim in a meet! He likes to tell everyone he encounters “I went from swimming like a rock to swimming a 25!”

He has another meet next week. He hopes to beat his time from this one!
**Update: Monday he swam 42 Sec, three seconds faster!

2 thoughts on “Canton’s Swimming

  1. Congratulations on your first swim meet, Canton! I’m so proud of you and your ambitious attitude. Keep up the hard work. See you soon!! Love you!

  2. Hey Canton
    That was an awesome job!! I am very proud of you! You have tried really hard and it sure did pay off.I can’t wait to see what you do in your next one.


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