Adleigh is 22 Months!

Adleigh continues to grow and make us laugh! She has a kind and hilarious spirit and her independence is showing through! She wants to walk down the stairs by herself and pick out her own clothes! If we could just get the potty working…

Adleigh loves to move! She enjoys being at the pool, she is always trying to climb up the side to jump in, which is adding to my gray hair collection! She also loves to jump and spends a lot of the day just running and jumping!

Adleigh is not a big eater, she has better things to do. Unless it is ice cream! She is known to pull open the freezer drawer to try to get ice cream!! 🙂

She loves to do anything and everything Canton and Liberty do. She’ll mimic their gestures and loves to chase after them as they move to different activities. I LOVE watching them read together, so sweet! They also will play princess and castle together.  She can name all the princesses thanks to Liberty.  She loves to have them ask her to make animal sounds! Her donkey sounds like a T-devil and when you say “duck” she doesn’t say quack, she says “duck” in a quacking voice haha!
She melts our hearts each day!
Height: 32.75inches

Weight: 24 lbs



One thought on “Adleigh is 22 Months!

  1. Hi Adleigh
    Time sure has flown by! You are surely the craziest! Glad you and I get along better since you have gotten older. I will see you in Sept for your bday. It will be a challenge of what to get you since mom doesn’t think you need anything, but don’t worry that has never stopped me! See you soon.


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