Happy 2nd Birthday Adleigh!

Adleigh enjoyed her day turning 2!

Almost everyone came down to see her! Poppy, Grandma, and Beth and Pap and Janice ventured down from Winchester and Nanny and Rhonda came all the way from FL! Adleigh is so lucky to have so many people that love her! Even aunt Becky and uncle Ben and sent a cute Belle doll package all the way from California.

Poppy and Grandma gave her a Belle costume that she happily wore around after presents. Beth gave her a Sofia doll and some accessories that she and Liberty have already have lots of fun playing. Pap and Janice brought probably 40 little beanie babies that she was happy to show around, and I think that big brother is ready to have some of his own!

Nanny gave Adleigh her very own robot! The kids had a lot of fun playing with Movi! They played red light green light and lots of other game! It will be fun to see Adleigh  try to figure it out over the next few days.

Rhonda had lots of great gifts for Adleigh! She awwwed over some cute Belle outfits and Belle shoes, Rhonda always keeps her girls coordinated!  She also really liked the flipbooks, belle umbrella, and liberty really loves the Belle tea set, it will be great to see them play together!

Canton got a sister a sleeping bag of the Minnie mouse and Liberty gave her some wooden Sofia and Amber dolls. Mom and Dad gave her Sofia books and hopefully a great party!

So thankful everyone could be with us today!

Happy Birthday Peanut! We Love ❤️ You

One thought on “Happy 2nd Birthday Adleigh!

    I had a great time celebrating your birthday with you. You have certainly changed since a year ago. You are so cute,lovable and funny! You made your birthday very exciting and your Belle cake was beautifull,mommy did a great job making it.


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