School Week Two

It was a bit rough getting up this morning but we are ready!

Adleigh read a sweet story called Shelia Rae the Brave and has to draw a picture when she was brave. We worked hard on making sounds to letters, she did a great job!

Lou had a cute lesson on a book called The Dot about making your mark in the world. You then had to make artwork out of a black dot. Of course owls made it into her drawing!

She also had a bit of math and social studies.

Canton took a pretest for history and got 19/20 (this is a test for teachers to see what they already know, it’s not a grade) so unless he has a great teacher that will differentiate for him he might be a bit bored here. The other classes are going well. We have to submit a band video this afternoon, fingers crossed 🙂

They had a snack and recess outside and called this the “Best Friends Picnic”! Oh my heart!

The weather was much cooler on Tuesday, which brought out some of our nature friends

Adleigh has to tell about all the people who live in her house

Getting some math done

Virtual PE is a hit!

Liberty will never do school PE again haha

Adleigh’s “What I Like about Me”

9/17 is Constitution Day and Liberty made a family Constitution, all sounds great to me!

And look at these delicious French rolls!!

Here we come week three, but we are looking forward to the weekend!

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