School Week 3

Adleigh is working on shapes and writing letters.

Liberty is doing capitalization, citizenship, and equations.

Canton again is more traditional, although we did laugh, his science teacher did a fire drill 🤷🏻‍♀️

Art lesson on primary colors and Romero Britto

Yard laps for PE!

Cutting Shapes

Adleigh’s self bubble map

Pink, popsicles, flamingo. She’s doing great at sounding out words!

Using play dough to make shapes and letters (good fine motor!)

Working out sounds like a champ! These are feelings about school

One thought on “School Week 3

  1. Hey Kiddos
    Glad school is going well. I love all of your art work it’s very pretty. I like how I always see OOH LA LA OWL at school with you (LOL) Glad to see everyone doing some PE. Keep up the good work.


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