Ice Skating

Busch Gardens was ridiculously crowded so we headed to try ice skating. Liberty fell like two seconds in but she regrouped and really showed a lot of perseverance! Canton worked hard and did not need to hold the rail and Adleigh was quite brave trying by herded toward the end! Fun times! Special thanks to dad for catching all the almost spills!

Christmas Eve 2022

We FaceTimed with Beth, Poppy and Grandma! We enjoyed seeing their festive glasses, headbands, and sweaters. Canton loved his ships and the girls were so excited about their books! Liberty quickly figured out this color sphere hand held game and has been beating us all night. Mike was perhaps the most excited with his Atari game 🙂

Later we opened gifts from mom and dad. Adleigh loved her Flamingo themed box, Liberty is excited to use her new owl bag, and Canton can’t wait to beat us all at the Chronology history game. Let’s get those cookies and milk, Santa is coming soon!